Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's for dinner

So I'm pretty annoyed that I can't figure out how to change the colors on my blog (to match my new background) because Blogger updated the dashboard. Now I'm all confused. Later I will write a letter to google complaining about my hurt pride, as I generally consider myself technologically savvy.
I'm also slightly discouraged about how the job hunt's going. However, Pandora's pleasant mix of U2, Iron&Wine, and Peter Bjorn and John is cheering me right up. Is it Peter, Bjorn and John, or Peter Bjorn and John. That bothers me. All in all, it's been a pretty good day. I just start to drag around 3PM everyday. I chalk this up to 1) the time change (yes, it's still affecting me - don't make fun), 2) the fact that I don't get to take a lunch and 3)the stream of phone calls/emails/patient visits levels off in the afternoons.
Now we've reached the point in the post where I realize that this post has no point. Usually I delete all my previous ramblings and attempt to reassemble them into something with a theme, but I'm not going to do that today. I will tell you about the new blog I found: I'm pretty excited about trying some of these recipes. Hopefully no one finds out that I'm just plain lazy and not actually a mom. I have to stop looking at recipes now though because I'm hungry and it will be at least thirty minutes before I can leave the office.
Which leads me to my one tiny vent that I have for today: it's very frustrating not to have a set work schedule. I usually don't mind getting home late because Reese is busy doing LSAT stuff or homework, but it's finals week and he doesn't have that much going on right now, so it's sad when I get home at 7PM and he's been there hanging out by himself for three hours. It's not the worst tragedy in the world, but again, I'm annoyed because I've been sitting bored in an office chair or the car for all that time and I'd rather be hanging out with him. So that's my major complaint with the dr's office: it's pretty much impossible to have a set schedule when you have new patients wanting to come in all the time. And new business is good, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't necessarily benefit me directly. I get paid the same no matter how many patients we see. I suppose that might change eventually, but it doesn't really seem like it. I think this is partly a lesson for me to appreciate my employer's appreciation. If/when I ever have another job that offers free coffee and a working refrigerator, I promise to be thankful and not even complain about the other things that annoy me like broken printers and ugly carpet. It should also inspire me to be a better cook/housekeeper since I have even more limited time for those activities these days, but so far it seems to have the opposite effect. By the time I've eaten dinner (that Reese cooks in his free time) it's eight o'clock and I don't FEEL like cleaning the bathrooms or mopping the floor. A house has a lot of floor space, I'm not sure if all of you know that. It doesn't help that the doors aren't sealed well, so pretty much as soon as you sweep the floor is dirty again (oh THAT'S why people have grass in their yards instead of dirt...HELLO DUST BOWL!) Again, the house of tribulation is a lesson in appreciation - I can't wait to live somewhere that's sealed, small and has real grass! and working electrical outlets! and counter space in the kitchen! and a refrigerator that doesn't sound like it's possessed by Moaning Myrtle! Well it's time for me to end this post as I've just referenced Harry Potter. Wait! I found the point! I need an Austonian girlfriend so we can go to happy hour and all this stuff. Then you wouldn't have to read rambling, nonsensical posts.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


In the spirit of thankfulness, I thought I'd write a quick post about the things I once took for granted at my job, that I no longer have the opportunity to enjoy. Although this may seem like backhanded gratefulness, let me assure you I am grateful that I once enjoyed these things. Furthermore, that knowledge spurs me to hope that I may once again someday be employed in an office that has these amenities:

1) Free coffee!
2) A refrigerator - I don't even need one stocked with juice! I just miss good, old-fashioned food preservation abilities!
3) A microwave (that's right folks - apparently I work in a log cabin with a dirt floor and no electricity)
4) CLEAN restrooms! (seriously...WHO unrolls all the toilet paper EVERY day in our restroom?? Probably the same person who SMOKES in our downstairs bathroom, three feet from the front door. GO OUTSIDE if you must partake in that disgusting habit/fire hazard!)
5) Free breakfast some days - <3 coworkers who bake! On that note, I also appreciate having non-judgmental eaters for coworkers, haha. Really, if I want to eat pop-tarts for breakfast, I think that's ok. I probably won't die.
6) My own office space (complete with interchangeable name plates!)
7) TWO monitors!
8) a decent office chair (note: I currently have one of these at my office, but only because I purchased one off Craigslist - hooray for Craigslist too!)
9) pointless meetings!
10) HEALTH INSURANCE - I have no joke for this one. Seriously, if you work somewhere that pays for your health care, be grateful for it.
11) Solitude. I knew before that I enjoyed working with data more than working with people, but this new job is teaching me that I don't much enjoy working with people. Builds character though, right?

In exchange for all these amenities, I know have access to Twitter and Facebook, something I mourned the loss of at XTO. However, I have since discovered that social networking is something that people do when they're supposed to be working. I'll take a real job, tyvm.

Friday, September 24, 2010


It has been a while. So far, this year has been crazy, but now I am married(!), moved to Austin, and Tuesday I will start my new job!! I am more than excited.

But this post isn't (just) about my life changes.

Reese and I are renting a house for a few months while we figure out where he will be attending law school, and this experience has taught us a lot about what is important to look for when house-hunting. So I thought I'd share a few suggestions with any of you who are house-hunting or thinking about doing so in the future.

Things to look for in a home:
• Is there an entryway? Because if not, you’re going to be cleaning the walkways all the time. I think entryways are pretty common, but our current house doesn’t have one, and it’s a pain to sweep/mop EVERYWHERE all the time.
• What is the cleanliness condition of the house? This is not only an indication of the current/previous owner’s housekeeping habits, but also whether the doors and windows are sealed well.
o Check corners, hallways, closets, little-used spaces
o Look around entryways
• How well is it insulated?
o What’s the electricity bill like (esp in summer/winter months)
o How thick are the exterior walls
• I know this seems silly, but check to see whether all the walls are square/straight, whether the bathroom towel racks have been set level, and things like that. This is especially important if you’re looking for an apartment, as most of those places (especially new ones) are thrown together.
• Water
o How much is the water bill?
o How big is the water heater?
o Is there standing water anywhere in the yard, street, or in bad cases, inside the house itself?
o Is the house in a flood plain?
• Yard
o Is it clean?
o Is the yard mostly dirt, weeds, or grass?
o Is there a sprinkler system? This could be a pro or con, depending on your budget
• Paint (interior & exterior)
o Has it been painted recently?
o Did they do a decent job?
• Extras
o Is the trim (inside and out) well done?
o Are there bugs?
o Any evidence of rodents?
o Is there an interior closet you can use for shelter during tornadoes? (I hadn’t even thought of this until we had tornado warnings a couple of weeks ago and I discovered that our house has NO interior rooms!)

That's all I can think of for now. I know most of you who read this have already been through these things, but it was just something I've been thinking about.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So this is the New Year

Someone told me that when you set a goal you should tell everyone about it. I think it's because the guilt and embarrassment of not reaching your goal will help you stay motivated.
So here are a few of my goals for 2010:
1. Spend time every day reading the Bible. I want to have it all read by August. If any of you have a good Bible-reading schedule you'd like to pass along to me, I'd be most grateful. Does anyone from LETU have the one from Biblical Foundations?
2. Find a body of believers. This one will be a challenge for me because Reese and I are split between Fort Worth and Austin. I'm not good at branching out on my own, but I guess I will have to work on that too.
3. Start a hobby. I think I have settled on learning to cross-stitch. At first I didn't want something time-consuming and mindless, but I guess that's kind of the point of a hobby. Plus it's probably going to be more of a challenge than I first thought.
4. Eat better > specifically, no more carbonated drinks and limit my eating out to once a week. Honestly, I think limiting my eating out will be the most difficult of my goals this year.
5. Exercise 3X a week, and walk during lunch on the weekdays. Sounds simple enough, right?
6. Read one challenging book per month. As always, I welcome book recommendations!
7. Drink 2 liters of water daily. This is going to be another challenge. I think running will make this one easier though.
8. Save money. This is mostly a discipline issue. I need to learn that just because I want something and can afford it doesn't mean I'm entitled to that thing.

So now I feel kind of like "in your face! What are YOU doing for your New Year's Resolution??" but don't take it that way. Just wanted to share.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something like that

Things are busy with me, as usual, but I thought this was worth a mention because it made me laugh.
I went to lunch with a coworker today, and as we waited to order she described to me a gift she gave her mother-in-law on her wedding day. It was a framed copy of a bible verse that had been embossed on parchment (I'm sure you've seen them around). My favorite part of the story though was her rendition of the verse: "You know, it was that long one about love being better than everthing else."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bodies and Minds

Well I had an amazing weekend, and it's not over yet! We're going to see Neko Case tonight!!!

Reese was sick all day Friday, so I didn't think he would be able to go to the Mavericks game that night, but he toughed it out. I'm glad he did too; it was so much fun. Maybe it's just that our seats were really close, but that place seems a lot smaller than I had imagined. Also, those basketball players are massive, so maybe that had something to do with the size perception.
Blaire and Bear went with us, which added to the entertainment, especially in the 5mph traffic on the way to Dallas. I hope that when I am married I will handle my husband's needling as well as Blaire does. I probably wont' though, since I generally react to teasing by acting like a pouty child.
Saturday Mom, Reese and I went to Southlake to see Joseph swim. I still enjoy watching swim meets. Joseph won some events, set some records, you know, the usual. Then we kidnapped him and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Oh my goodness, WHY had no one told me how awesome that place is?? You were probably just trying to keep me from gaining 30 lbs. from eating there all the time, so good lookin' out.
After lunch we dropped Joseph off at the swim meet and headed home. But first Mom made us stop at Big Lots to find Dad some electronic games to play. It amuses me that she will spend any amount of money on stuff she thinks will make him happy. That's good though because I can tell that he is definitely getting bored with lying in bed all day watching TV. But more on that later.
Back to Saturday: I took a nap when I got home (always my favorite part of the weekend), then Reese and I hung out some more. We ended up heading downtown to look at the Christmas tree, which turned out not to be lit up yet, so then we headed to Barnes and Noble. Apparently the rest of Fort Worth had the same idea. It was so packed that we took our coffee and walked around downtown some more. Then we went back to B&N and Reese read me one of David Sedaris' books. I find it funny how sometimes he treats me like his daughter rather than his girlfriend. Haha, awkward? I just mean that he takes care of me...and bosses me around, of course. But we have fun together. I don't know if it's cute or lame that we can just putter around doing basically nothing and still have a good time. I thoroughly enjoy his company.
So Sunday. I went to see Dad that morning, and he was sitting in his wheelchair! That is the first time he's been out of bed since surgery. Mom decided to show him around the rehab facility, so we did that. He really liked all the paintings on the hallway walls. Then we went back to his room and Mom made him write his name for me. He seemed to have to concentrate more than usual, but I think he's just strong willed and didn't feel like writing his name. We tried to get him to put together his k'nex car, but he wasn't really interested in that either. So Mom made him do a puzzle. I think he liked that because he figured it out quickly and put most of it together without Mom's help.
William got there about that time, so we gave Dad a hard time for saying William's name and not anyone else's; he thought that was funny. He doesn't actually laugh yet, but he smiles and has various facial expressions. The one I see most often is annoyance with Mom for asking him the same question multiple times in rapid succession. She just ignores it though. When she asked if she was annoying him yesterday he said "Yep.", which I thought was great. Someone has to be his slavedriver though. He is improving daily, but it's very tiring for him.
I left the rehab place around lunchtime because I still had some errands to run - specifically buying Christmas cards. I really do not care for the greetings on Christmas cards lately. "Seasons' Greetings"? "Wishing you a warm holiday season"? This is America. We are not celebrating Chaunnnnuuukkkah or Kwanzaa or the Feast of St. Tropez. It is Christmas. All I want are some Christmas cards that say "Merry Christmas!" I do not think that is so much to ask. I finally found some for cheap at Half Price books, so that made me happy.
Then I went home and made cookies for the piece de resistance of the weekend: Sarah's pig roast!
For months Reese's sister Sarah has had this idea that she could roast a pig in a fire pit in her back yard. I was pretty skeptical about the execution of this plan, but like her friends said, Sarah will make it happen. And she did. It was the most fun party I have been to since the last party she invited us to, haha. There was so much food! All her friends are really good cooks. And it was fun to stand outside around the fire and talk. I really miss just hanging out with people. The holidays are good for that, but it's bittersweet to see your friends only a few times a year. But I am thankful for what little time we get to spend together. Hope to see you over Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I wanted to write about stuff that's happened, is happening, could happen, but I do not know where to begin.
So I will start with what I am thankful for:

It is such a delight to have someone that I can talk to, be silent with, spend time around, be away from, cook with, eat with, run with, be still, laugh with, cry with, complain to, adore.
Slowly, slowly, I am learning what it means to care for someone. I am so thankful for the people who love me - you are teaching me how to love others.

Let me pass on to you what Kelli said at Mallory's funeral, "Go home and tell your kids you love them. You may not get another chance."